Winter Weather Wellness: Three activities to keep the family busy this winter

Combat wintertime blues with these three fun family activities

While most Alaskans eagerly look forward to the changing seasons from summer to winter each year, there comes a time each year when even sledding, snowboarding and skiing have lost their seasonal appeal. With a handful of winter months left, coming up with fresh ideas to keep your family busy can be a challenge. Growing up in a small town, it is easy to quickly run out of wintertime activities for everyone in the family. With unpredictable weather and long dark days it is essential to family wellness to keep everyone mentally and physically healthy. Here are three activities that my parents came up with for our family each winter that helped us combat wintertime blues:

  • Go ice-skating: The Municipality of Anchorage maintains a number of indoor and outdoors ice-skating and hockey rinks open to the public. Ice-skating can be a fun and challenging activity for everyone in the family of all ages! Teaching kids a new skill, or fine-tuning your own is a great way to pass by another winter day. Check out the Municipality of Anchorage website for a list of all the current open rinks.
  • Take a scenic drive: Growing up going for long drives to beautiful places around our home was one of my favorite family activities. Alaskan scenery is endless and ever changing, so checking out some of my family’s favorite spots such as Bird Point on the Seward Highway or Arctic Valley in the winter could be a fun way to spend a sunny Saturday.
  • Complete a puzzle: There are many days during winter in Alaska that nobody wants to go anywhere or do anything that has to do with snow or being cold. On those days our family could get a little stir crazy. After completing all the needed chores and watching way too much TV, everyone begins to get pretty bored in need of some mental stimulation. That is why every winter my mom always gets us one to three new puzzles and we work our way through them all winter. Anytime we are snowed in, or it is just too dang cold to go sledding, we spend hours working on the newest puzzle. It is always a really fun family activity and easy way to pass some time that doesn’t involve a screen of some sort.

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by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center