5 Reasons You Should Have Some Honey Everyday

Aside from its delicious sweet flavor, honey offers many medicinal benefits making it a popular kitchen item for many years. Check out these five benefits from eating some honey on a regular basis.

  1. Allergies bee gone: While there are no clinical tests to prove it, a common theory about honey -especially honey made local to where you live, can help you fight off seasonal allergies. The idea is that the small amount of pollen in the honey can help your body build immunity to the pollens in the air causing your eyes and throat to itch.
  2. Bee energized: As an all-natural unprocessed sweetener, a little bit of honey can act as a short-term energy booster. Add some honey to your morning tea for a little extra pep in your step in the morning time. A little bit of honey before a long workout can really help boost endurance as well.
  3. Bee Healthy: In addition to helping soothe a sore throat and cough, many believe that the antioxidants found in honey can help prevent heart disease and cancers. So add some honey to your tea to ease the symptoms of the common cold and you might be fighting off other diseases as well! Additionally, it is said that the natural antioxidants found in honey can help boost memory and prevent memory loss over time.
  4. Honey can Heal: The antibacterial properties found in honey are great for fighting off infections and treating open wounds or burns. While there is no proven evidence that honey heals wounds, many people have found it beneficial in an emergency situation, or when other medications failed to help them. Never replace conventional medicines with natural ones before consulting your physician.
  5. Beecause it’s Delicious: Honey can be used in food for just about any occasion. As a natural sweetener, it is easy to replace regular sugar with honey in most recipes. From baked goods to holiday recipes, the uses for honey in your home are endless.  Check out this honey website for many honey recipe ideas!