My Grandfather and His Stiff Neck After Retirement

Four at home treatments for a sore and stiff neck

After retiring from the Air Force, having served our country in multiple wars, my Grand father never stopped complaining about his neck being stiff and sore. Sometimes it would even be so stiff that he couldn’t turn it without severe pain so he would turn his whole body just to see whomever he was talking with. As a very stubborn man, he was reluctant to go to a doctor for the problem because he feared he would have to go back often for treatment. Finally, after a lot of convincing, my Grandfather went to see our Chiropractor in Eagle River. The Chiropractor came up with four treatments that my Grandfather could do at home to gain pain relief from his neck stiffness.

  • Bio-Freeze: Every morning and night, apply generously to stiff and sore spots on the body. Let cooling aspect relax stiff muscles and reduce inflammation, promoting healing. Once my Grandfather started using it, he started sleeping better, which made him a lot happier.
  • Alternating Ice and Heat to injured area: Starting with ice for 20 minutes at a time is a good way to help reduce any inflammation that might be causing the neck pain. If ice is not taking care of the pain completely, trying a moist heat pack on the injured area might help reduce tightness and pain allowing the painful area to relax.
  • Neck stretches: The Chiropractor taught my Grandfather particular neck stretches that help reduce his stiffness and pain. The stretches are very specific and must be done right to avoid further injury, so it is good my Grandfather had the guidance of his Chiropractor to show him the stretches that are safe for him to practice at home.
  • Getting the right pillow: In addition to showing my Grandfather stretches, his chiropractor also recommended a new memory foam pillow to help support his neck through the night, keeping it relaxed and comfortable.

Lastly, if we could get him to go, a massage did wonders for his neck stiffness and all around body aches he acquired from years of service and hard work.

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by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center