Get Motivated! How to get your daily MOJO back

Six easy steps to help motivate you to achieve your goals!

Sometimes life can throw unexpected challenges your way. From illness and injury to sudden life changes, getting and staying motivated to achieve your goals can be very difficult. Whenever circumstances have you down, use these six steps to help get your daily MOJO back.

  1. Focus on one thing – the most important thing. The less decisions you need to make during the day, the more energy and attention you will have to give to your goal. It is easy to get bogged down with everyday life and a long list of “to-do.” Stop trying to balance all of these things; prioritize. First, figure out the one thing that is most important. Consider what you need to do to accomplish that goal. Then give everything you have to getting excited about the benefits of accomplishing that goal. Carry that energy and reflect back on it when you need motivation.
  2. Pay attention to your physical needs. Eat, and eat healthy. It doesn’t matter who you are or what sort of goals you have. Eating regularly is important. Without food to process, our brains slow down making it more difficult to process new information or make decisions with the information we have. This leads to passive decisions, which does not lead to accomplished goals. Paying attention to your body when it is telling you to eat (or hydrate!) is one of the most important steps to maintaining your daily motivation.
  3. Pay attention to your social environment. Are you spending time with people who make you feel comfortable, or do you often feel left out or rejected? If you feel socially rejected, it is difficult to want to do anything at all – but it is important that you change something. If you feel at odds with somebody in your life, confront the situation and work it out. If it isn’t something that can be talked out, then find ways to separate yourself from that situation.
  4. Focus on the benefits of your actions. Don’t spend all your time considering the difficulty of a task; instead, imagine the benefits and get excited about them. Build anticipation and use that energy to carry out your tasks, remembering why you’re working while you’re working.
  5. When you slow down, don’t give up. Motivation isn’t something that can be held at a constant, and we need to appreciate that. Some days, for whatever reason, you just aren’t feeling it. Don’t let this ruin your day! Start small and ease your way into it. Remember the reasons you are excited about achieving your goal. Spend some time reading about it and the ways other people have done it.
  6. When you find you’ve accomplished your top goal, turn around and re-evaluate. What is most important to you now, having taken care of that responsibility? Soon you will find that the list is very short, and the goals are more enjoyable!

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center