Four Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

We all want to get out and be active this summer now that the weather is warming up and plants are beginning to bloom. While dreaming of your next hike, marathon, or summer sports league remember these four ways to prevent spraining your ankle during your fun summer activities.

  1. Get Shoes That Fit: Although our feet stop growing at a certain age, our shoes do wear out, stretch out and change over time. Having good hiking and athletic shoes that fit correctly is a vital component to keeping your feet and ankles happy and injury free. If you haven’t worn your hiking boots or athletic shoes in a while, try them on for a short walk to see how they are fitting. If they are loose and uncomfortable it is time for a new pair. Hiking or running with shoes that are too small or too big can be really hard on feet and ankles, and could cause you to roll and sprain your ankle very easily. Talk with a local shoe salesman at a sporting goods store, your chiropractor or your physical therapist about what type of shoes will fit you and your needs best before getting back into heavy activity this summer.
  2. Brace Yourself: If you know your ankle is weak, or that your body is a bit out of shape consider an ankle brace, kinesiology tape, or walking sticks to help balance and brace yourself while hiking or exercising. Ask your chiropractor or physical therapist what they might recommend for you and how to properly use it.
  3. Ankle Exercises: Preventing an ankle sprain is all about keeping your ankle strong and steady, so doing plenty of regular ankle exercises is good for everyone to do. Ask your chiropractor what exercises you can do to strengthen your ankles before hitting the trails this summer.  From ankle pumps to calf raises there are many ways to strengthen your ankles to help avoid injury.
  4. Know Your Limits: Ease back into your desired amount of activity; it has been a long chilly winter and your body may not be in the same shape it was last September at your end of summer soccer league championships. Take it slow by trying your easier activities first. Take a walk to Thunderbird falls, a short bike ride, or a run. Know your limits to avoid hurting yourself. If you are recovering from an injury, talk to your chiropractor before jumping back into your normal summer fun to see what they might recommend to keep your body healthy and happy.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center