Acne and Anxiety in Teenagers: Help!

How Essential Oils can help your teenager sleep better and save you money on expensive acne treatments.

One of the many benefits to being the youngest in a family of four kids is that I was able to grow up watching each of my brothers brutally make it through puberty. I was able to learn from their triumphs and struggles and apply them to my own life. In particular I remember two of the major and constant battles each of my brothers had to deal with were the anxiety that was keeping them up at night and the acne that was only causing more stress and anxiety. I watched my mother get my oldest brother countless acne treatments with no success and be seemingly helpless to console him through the teenage social and emotional torments, until she finally turned to our family Chiropractor in Eagle River to ask some questions about what she should do, aside from schedule him a nice massage to relax.

Despite my oldest brothers reluctance to go to a doctor for his “feelings” and his “looks”, my mother made him go and at least get a massage. In addition to scheduling the massage, the doctor recommended that they talk with the massage therapist about what essential oils might benefit him. He explained that essential oils have many benefits such as easing symptoms caused by anxiety, as well as acne. So after my his massage and talking with his massage therapist he came home with three different kinds of essential oils and an oil diffuser to use as treatment for his acne and anxiety. After testing out some different blends and types of oils we found that the following essential oils were really helpful for acne and anxiety for all of us kids as we grew up and went through the brutal stages of puberty:

Serenity and Lavender Essential Oils are great to help soothe anxiety.

Either of these oils is great to keep on you at all times either in your bag or in the car. Apply as generously as needed to hands, neck and ears and inhale. It can also be inhaled directly from the bottle or a diffuser. My brothers and I found that we slept much better on high-anxiety nights such as before a test or sport competition if we used the diffuser at bedtime.

Melaleuca and Clear Skin Essential Oils are great acne treatments.

These two oils can be used topically, generally one at a time. My brothers have found the most success from the Clear Skin oil, while I find that Melaleuca oil is the best match for my skin type and really helps reduce the redness of my acne within one day.

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by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center