8 Items Your Family will Save Money on When Shopping in Bulk

In case you don’t already have one, consider going out to get a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club and save money on many of your household needs!

  1. Milk- If you are a family with kids, a small restaurant owner or just someone who likes milk, buying this in bulk saves not only money but the time it would take you to go grab a gallon of milk in the morning because you realized you were out and your kids are going through a cereal-only phase for breakfast. With many options of brands, types and sizes, everyone who enjoys milk can benefit from this cost savings.
  2. Bread- With almost every option I see in a typical grocery store bread is a great item to buy in bulk. At Costco you can get two giant loaves of your favorite bread for about the price of one normal loaf! Worried you wont eat it fast enough? Put the extra loaf into your freezer until you are ready for it.
  3. Eggs- From organic to 5-dozen at a time, eggs are a must buy at a warehouse store. If you don’t think you’ll eat them all before they go bad, ask your neighbors or family if they want to share the cost of some warehouse items with you and split them up after purchasing. This method comes in handy with roommates or community living situations when space and money may be limited.
  4. Spices- Every chef should know about the great prices on large containers of spices at warehouse stores. For restaurants, events, and avid home cooks, having enough spices on hand is very important. With long shelf lives, it is not a worry to buy a giant container of Taco Seasoning.
  5. Snacks- The snack section at warehouse stores is great for families with kids who need daily lunches for schools and college kids needing quick, cheap on-the-go food. Luckily, the need for adult on-the-go snacks for the working professional has been recognized and hardy protein bars, trail mix packets and other organic snacks can now be found at warehouse stores too.
  6. Toilet Paper- This is one that pretty much everyone should be taking advantage of. Stop paying more than you need to for something you will need every day for the entirety of your life. Bulk toilet paper at warehouse stores is much cheaper than buying it at a regular store. Compare prices for each brand to find the most cost efficient brand that is just right for you.
  7. Paper Towels- Another household essential for most people. Buying these in bulk will save you time and money. This is another great supply for small business owners to purchase locally when in a pinch between supply shipments.
  8. Hygiene Products- While they don’t have every brand every person desires, they do have a lot of things for a discounted prices such a shampoos, soaps, medicines and shaving supplies. Next time you’re in a warehouse store browse through the hygiene/personal care section to see if they carry the brand you love. If they don’t, check back later as I’ve noticed those brands are interchangeable.


by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center