7 Things Your Family Should Be Doing This Spring

Get out and enjoy the longer days and warmer weather with these seven fun family activities.

  1. Work on the garden: If you don’t have one yet, start planning a brand new garden with the whole family. Research different styles of gardens for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces available to you! Have the kids pick out what they want to grow and be responsible for all summer. Planting things and watching the growing process is always enjoyable and educational for the whole family.
  2. Family bon fire and BBQ: Take advantage of Alaska’s daylight with the family by firing up the grill and stoking a little campfire in the back yard, or at a local campground. A good cook out is a great way to start off the springtime and get ready for summer. Plus, the extended time outdoors gives the kids a chance to identify budding plants and all the critters that begin to move about in the spring.
  3. Hike to Thunderbird Falls: This beautiful family friendly hike is fun for all ages and all year long. With scenic over looks along the whole trail following the Eklutna Canyon ending at the 200-foot tall Thunder Bird Water Falls. A round trip distance of two miles, with 175 of elevation gain this trail is pretty easy for the whole family, however be careful with children around the cliffs as they are very steep. Reminder that parking is $5 at the trailhead.
  4. Go Explore: Around the Eagle River Nature Center with guided walks, tours and free workshops for people of all ages. Check out their Spring Activities Schedule for April and May 2016 to see what activities fit your family best. Look ahead at the weather forecast to pick the perfect warm spring day to explore nature with your family.
  5. Sled or Climb: At Hatcher Pass or Artic Valley whichever your family prefers. Depending on the unpredictable Alaska spring weather, you could go out to Hatcher Pass or Arctic Valley for one more fun day of sledding before summer, or maybe go once most of the snow has melted to just explore and enjoy some beautiful Alaskan views.
  6. Ride a Bike: Take the family to a favorite trail, around your neighborhood or a near by park. Just getting outdoors and getting some light exercise is a really good way to start of the summer right in Alaska. After months of being trapped indoors from cold and bitter weather conditions, the first bike ride of the season is sure to give you and your family spring fever.
  7. Learn New Things: At the Anchorage Museum they have a lot of Family Events for everyone to learn from and enjoy. In addition to the permanent exhibit the Imaginarium Discovery Center, there are plenty of other kid and family friendly exhibits and events. Be sure to go on April 16 for the Free Admission Day. If you have been the museum already this spring, try out your Public Library for fun family events happening all the time.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center