4 Ways to Make the Most of Short Winter Days

With winter weather and shorter days fast upon us, it is important to find creative ways to make the most of the limited daylight hours Alaskans get during the winter months.

Wake up Early: When the day is so short that you don’t get to see the sun before work and you don’t get more than twilight afterwards, motivation can become a struggle. Instead of putting off the things you normally do at the end of the day, try waking up a bit early and getting them done before your daily responsibilities. By working out or taking the dog for his daily walk in the morning instead of in the evening, you may find your day much easier. You will have more energy by starting the day off with a bit more activity, and you can now make more use of the daylight hours you might have left at the end of each day. Exercising in the morning is a great way to boost metabolism and mood.

Buy a “Happy Light”: Often times throughout the winter, Alaskans will find that they still have a long list of things to do after a work day but no motivation to get it done because of the weather and lack of daylight. Combat this problem by outfitting your home with some Happy Lights that simulate the spectrum of natural daylight in your home or office. By getting some extra needed doses of vitamin D via a Happy Light, people may find that they have more energy to get their daily chores, meal prep, and responsibilities tackled throughout the dark and dreary winter months that Alaskans endure.

Plan Weekends Ahead: By waking up early and getting the responsible things done during the week, you and your family can plan some fun weekend activities to make the winter less of a drag. Look ahead at the weather and take advantage of any sunny or slightly warmer days by going out to a park, ice-skating, or sledding. Keep track of extra snowy days to be able to plan ahead and have some fun with the many winter outdoor activities Alaskans love. Try waking up earlier on the weekends and going to bed earlier to better take advantage of the daylight hours. By waking up before daylight and getting ready for the day by sunrise, you and your family can get plenty of outdoor daylight hours all winter long.

Run Errands During the Week: Don’t put off all of your grocery shopping and shoveling for the weekend and waste all your precious daylight hours. By forcing yourself to put in a few extra hours doing chores and holiday planning during the week after work or on your lunch, you will have more time to spend enjoying the daylight hours during the weekends with your family. Don’t put off all that holiday shopping until Saturday afternoon when it is finally sunny out and you don’t have to sit at your desk; get that done after work one day so that you can spend that Saturday sledding with your kids or getting some exercise.

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by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center