4 Things every woman should know about the Zika Virus

A growing health problem around the world is the spreading of the Zika Virus via those pesky mosquitoes we spend most of the summer swatting away from ourselves. While there are no known cases in Alaska so far, the Center for Disease Control predicts that the Zika virus will continue to spread across the world. Every woman should know the following information about the Zika Virus:

  1. The Zika Virus is spread through the bites of an infected mosquito. Symptoms of the Zika Virus are mild in the form of fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. Most people do not relate these symptoms directly to a serious virus so many do not know they have it.
  2. The biggest concern with the Zika virus so far is that pregnant women who are bitten and infected are having babies with severe and sometimes fatal birth defects, the most common being Microcephaly.
  3. Although no cases exist in Alaska yet, traveling to infected areas will put you at risk. Keep track on the CDC Website about the Zika Virus to see if where you are traveling has known cases.
  4. There is no vaccine for the Zika Virus so the best way to avoid it to try and prevent mosquito bites all together. One can attempt to prevent mosquito bites by wearing long pants and sleeves while outdoors, staying in cool, screened in areas, sleeping with a mosquito net and using insect repellent regularly. The CDC has also provided information on a Zika Virus Prevention Kit and How to Control Mosquitos around your home that is worth referencing for additional information.


by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center