4 Scientifically Based Benefits of Being in Nature


More studies are coming out claiming that being in nature benefits your health; here are some of the benefits you can gain from spending some time in nature.

Vitamin D: Even if it is cloudy, you body is still getting some of the Vitamin D we Alaskans are so often deficient on. Instead of dosing up on a lot of supplements, try getting the thing your body needs naturally by spending more time outside. Even if it is just reading on your deck, getting some sun rays on you is a good way to get some extra Vitamin D and boost your energy.

Improved Sleep: When we get out more and expose our eyes to bright natural light, you might sleep better than if you spend your whole day inside staring at artificial lights and electronic screens. Aside from the benefits on your eyes, getting outside helps your brain and body have an accurate internal clock. Even just 20-30 minutes outside in natural light could result in a more restful night sleep. Whether you are in a nursing home and need more time outside, or an office worker who should spend their breaks outside, getting more exposure to natural light should improve sleep patterns.

Exercise: You can’t go outside without getting some form of exercise. Even just a quick walk, or a long walk along a favorite trail, you are getting some much needed exercise. If you don’t like going to the gym, try doing your own workout routines outdoors in natural light and fresh air. Studies find that outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air, so a workout outside is not only good to be active, but the fresh air should feel good, too. Try going for at least one 30-minute walk outdoors each day, this way you’ll get your natural light exposure, fresh air and a little exercise.  Don’t want to go alone? Bring your dog or a friend to keep your company and motivated.

Psychological Health: It is true; being outside simply makes you a happier person. Feeling down? Go spend some time outside in the quiet and the clean fresh air. Get in touch with nature or spend a bit of time sitting on a rock at the beach or by a creek, relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  According to scientists, being outside boosts your serotonin levels which is responsible for your happiness and good feelings. Additionally, studies are showing that spending time outdoors helps people with depression and enhances their mental wellbeing.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center