4 Recipes Every Alaskan Household Should Try

Alaskan residents know that summer season means that it’s time to hunt, fish and gather the many wild foods our state has to offer. From harvesting rhubarb, picking buckets of wild berries, to cleaning and processing fresh wild meat, the summer season can be a very rewarding for many Alaskan families. Gathering, processing and storing all the fresh food is one thing, but learning the best way to cook these Alaskan delicacies is another aspect that is learned and perfected by most Alaskan households. If you haven’t already, be sure to try these recipes with your wild Alaskan foods this year!

Salmonberry Cake: Salmon berries are everywhere, just look for their big green leaves and their pretty little white flowers, or if it is berry season, those flowers will have evolved into yummy plump and pink berries. Do you see a bunch on your favorite hike or around your property? Gather all those tasty berries to eat as-is, turn into jam, pies and custards. If you are looking for something quick and easy, try out this yummy Salmonberry Cake recipe!

Moose Meat Stew: If your family is into hunting or you are close with someone who is, you might end up with some tasty moose meat in your freezer this fall. The meat of a moose can be used in every way one would use the meat of a cow.When cooking moose meat there are many options depending on the type of meat you have. If you have ground burger meat, you can make burgers, chili, tacos and so much more. Our families’ favorite recipe for a chilly fall day is a delicious moose meat stew. While there are many recipes with variations and most Alaskans will have their own family favorite ways to prepare it, this recipe proves to be pretty tasty.

Rhubarb Crisp: Many Alaskan yards and gardens have an over-abundance of this tasty plant. Some regard it as an annoying weed, and some happily harvest every bit, turning it into jams, pies, fruit bars or just eating it raw with some sugar. The taste of the plant plain is pretty bitter, but with some sugar it becomes a sweet treat. Try out this yummy rhubarb crisp recipe if you haven’t already!

Sweet and Spicy Salmon: There are not many households in Alaska without some freshly caught salmon in their freezer. While many Americans will pay top dollar for a filet of fresh salmon, Alaskans have enough to eat it all year long. Coming up with various and new ways to prepare and cook your salmon can become a challenge after many years of benefiting from Alaska’s lush lands. Instead of the classic lemon and seasonings recipes, try out this sweet and spicy salmon recipe for something new and delicious.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center