4 Reasons Every Veteran Should Be Seeing a Chiropractor

As many United States Veterans may know, life after the battlefield can be a big challenge both physically and mentally. Make things easier on yourself by seeking out your local Chiropractor for help with any aches and pains that may be lingering after years of hard work.

  1. Small pains can lead to bigger ones– Don’t ignore your aching back and neck; you’ve done a lot of hard work. Take care of any aches and pains that seem be lingering as soon as possible, since muscle atrophy and other more severe back problems do not take long to occur. Plus, it could be a simple one-time fix, and then you’re out of pain and feeling better.
  2. Chronic Pain after an injury could be Nerve Damage– Many Veterans have reported long term, chronic pain where they were once injured during their service. Nerve damage is very common in veterans and there are many treatments available to help get relief. Talk to your chiropractor about the type of pain you’re feeling, where it is, and what you think may have caused it. Redness, burning and sensitivity to touch are very common symptoms of nerve damage and should be treated as soon as possible to avoid worsening the situation or causing bigger, harder to treat issues.
  3. It feels good-If your body hurts and you’ve had a long-term, manual labor related job, the odds are you will benefit from a chiropractic adjustment and a good therapeutic massage. Whether you get a trigger point massage, deep tissue, or a hot stone massage you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and in less pain. In addition to massage ask your chiropractor about the other services offered that might improve your wellness and overall comfort such as supplements and other therapies.
  4. Prepare Your Body for Long-Term Agility- Your career has required you to push your body to the limits and work hard everyday. Make sure the injuries, aches and pains you’ve gained from years of service don’t stop you from living a healthy, comfortable life in retirement. Talk with your chiropractor about things you can be doing to get your body feeling good now and long term. Regular chiropractic adjustments and physical therapies may be needed to get your body back to normal and functioning like it should. Nobody wants to live their lives in pain or struggling to move around comfortably, so take steps now to assure your body has the long term agility it needs to keep up with the grandkids.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center