4 Outdoor Activities You Must do This Summer in Alaska


Stay active and healthy this summer by enjoying these four adventures throughout Alaska.

  1. Climb Flat Top Mountain– Located in the Chugach State Park, Flat Top Mountain is a trek every Alaskan should go on this summer. It is one of the first things many Alaskans love to do as a kick off to summer, while many tread along the mountain all year long, the much easier summer adventure is very popular among South-central Alaskans. The trail is just under two miles one way, and hikers gain 1,300 feet in elevation so getting to the summit is considered a moderate to difficult hike, but a great one for day trips or a weekend outing. Said to be the most often hiked trail in Alaska, because it offers 360-degree views of the Alaska Range, Cook Inlet, Anchorage area, and the Chugach Range. So if you are looking for some beautiful views, berry picking in the fall and a good workout, you should hike Flat Top Mountain!
  2. Pick Berries at Hatcher Pass– This is more of a late summer adventure. Enjoy the end of season wild berry harvest by picking them yourself! This great family activity that lets the kids run around and enjoy themselves in beautiful Alaskan nature, while the family gets to bring home their fill in berries! Take this adventure a few steps further by having the kids identify other plants on the mountainside, if they don’t know some of them, take a small sample home to help look it up and identify it. Additionally, there are plenty of recipes for making jams and pies out of all those berries that the whole family can enjoy making and eating!
  3. Camping in Homer- Everyone must walk the Homer Spit, checking out all the little shops, skipping rocks into the picturesque bay or stopping for refreshments at the famous Salty Dawg Saloon. The road trip from the Anchorage area to Homer alone is worth the trip. Take the family out for a weekend in Homer. This small fishing town in Alaska has something for every type of Alaskan. From wildlife sight seeing, beautiful coastline hugged by high cliffs, fishing and a fun community atmosphere. Camping on the Homer spit can be very windy, so you may want to look for other campsites for a warmer experience. Additionally, the area gets pretty busy around holidays so if crowded campgrounds just aren’t your thing, go before or after major Holidays.
  4. Kayak on Eklutna Lake – If you own a kayak or need to rent one, paddling around Eklutna Lake is a must-do every summer in Alaska. With its very convenient central location between the Matanuska Valley and Anchorage Bowl, many Alaskan residents take advantage of this close-by, hidden oasis all summer long. From camping to bike rides to playing in the water on a kayak, Eklutna Lake has an Alaskan adventure for the whole family. It is especially beautiful to visit in the early fall when all the leaves begin to change and the summer crowds begin to clear out. You can rent gear from the Student Union Gear Room as a student at the University of Alaska Anchorage, from REI or from Lifetime Adventures located at Eklutna lake.

by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center