4 high calcium foods good for the bones


When it comes to building strong bones, in addition to needing a lot of Vitamin D, Calcium is also a vital component to good bone health. These four foods are high in Calcium and super easy to add into your daily diet.

  1. Dairy: Yogurt, milk and cheese are some of the top ways of getting calcium in your diet to help keep bones strong and healthy. Easy to include at breakfast either in a smoothie or your cereal, milk is one of the most readily available and yummy sources of calcium. All types of cheese have a good amount of calcium in them and can be added to any type of meal!
  2. Dark Green Veggies: As a non-dairy option for getting calcium into your diet, foods such as kale and broccoli are great to add to your dinners. Easy to cook with quite a few recipe variations out there, broccoli, kale and other dark green veggies make getting your daily calcium serving simple and delicious.
  3. Beans: Various types of beans are high in calcium and can be prepared in a lot of dishes for lunch and dinner. White beans in particular are especially high in calcium and can be added pasta, soups, salads or used to make hummus. There are plenty of ways to cook and use beans in your recipes that is should be an easy go-to way to get calcium everyday.
  4. Almonds- Out of most nuts you can find, almonds have some of the highest amount of calcium in them. Try almond butter, almond milk, or just almonds as a snack in your trail mix or mixed into a healthy salad. In addition to being high in calcium, almonds are low in fat and high in protein so they are a wonderful food to add into your daily diet!


by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center