4 Foods You Can Grow in Your Garden in Alaska This Summer

Gardening in Alaska can present various problems such as cold weather and soil that may discourage home gardeners from trying their hand at Alaskan gardening. These four foods are all very nutritious and are known to have a good yield in Alaska.

  1. Potatoes: Although they need a lot of space, they grow fantastic in Alaska. If your garden has some extra space and good soil, your family could certainly benefit from many pounds of home grown potatoes. Usually planted in a row, it should only take 7-10 days for you to start seeing the sprouts coming out of the ground if planted properly. Follow easily available instructions for seeding and caring for your potato crop and your family shouldn’t have to buy potatoes all winter long!
  2. Carrots: Most varieties of carrots do great in Alaska, as long as you have some sandy/loose soil to plant them in. If the soil is too packed or rocky, your carrots will grow deformed and not so tasty. For best results be sure to pull extra seedlings so that there is only one carrot plant for every two inches. The yield should be heavy so spend your summer looking up various ways to cook with, store and prepare carrots for your family. Filled with Vitamin A, this tasty snack is healthy too!
  3. Brussel Sprouts: By starting this plant indoors and transplanting to your outdoor garden once the sprouts have begun will help with a stronger and healthier yield. This hardy vegetable can withstand severe frost, so it can grow until late fall. Filled with proteins, carbs and vitamins this little food is super yummy and goes great with most dinner meals. Having home grown Brussel sprouts this fall will convenient and yummy.
  4. Kale: This vegetable goes great in any Alaskan garden. With vitamins A and C as well as Potassium this leafy green is very beneficial for the whole family as well as super easy to grow. Pick the leaves young for the best flavor, as it grows quickly. Try adding fried kale to your summer BBQ and see what your friends think; it’s delicious!



by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center