3 Science Based Benefits of Massage

We all love to get a good massage to relieve stress and our bodies’ aches and pains. Usually done to treat oneself to something nice, the expense of a massage is often considered a splurge. However, here are three science-based benefits of massage and why you should be getting one on a regular basis.

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety- everyone has daily life stressors which if not properly managed will cause health problems over time. There is no doubt that getting a massage is very relaxing, so using a massage as a tool for regular relaxation to help relieve the stress from a long week or just daily life is a really good idea. Often people carry their stress in their bodies that form into knots in our necks, back and shoulders. The added pain of a stress knot can make getting through normal life even harder, so being proactive about treating the effects stress has on the body can be very beneficial.
  • Promotes healing- by kneading and massaging a sore or injured muscle or area on the body, the massage therapist is breaking up and reducing inflammation, improving circulation and relaxing the muscles to help your body heal from injury faster. By improving circulation, oxygen and nutrients can flow more easily to the injured or effected area. This makes massage therapy an important component to recovering from a sports injury.
  • Helps Sleep- getting a quality night sleep is vital to stay healthy and happy. Many people struggle with insomnia and finding the right way to treat it. If getting and staying asleep is an issue from stress, anxiety or some type of physical or psychological disorder, getting regular massage therapy could be very beneficial. By relaxing and balancing the body, deep sleep is often more easily achieved by patients receiving massage therapy as a form of treating insomnia and restlessness.

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by Chugach Chiropractic & Massage Center