4 high calcium foods good for the bones


When it comes to building strong bones, in addition to needing a lot of Vitamin D, Calcium is also a vital component to good bone health. These four foods are high in Calcium and super easy to add into your daily diet.

  1. Dairy: Yogurt, milk and cheese are some of the top ways of getting calcium in your diet to help keep bones strong and healthy. Easy to include at breakfast either in a smoothie or your cereal, milk is one of the most readily available and yummy sources of calcium. All types of cheese have a good amount of calcium in them and can be added to any type of meal!
  2. Dark Green Veggies: As a non-dairy option for getting calcium into your diet, foods such as kale and broccoli are great to add to your dinners. Easy to cook with quite a few recipe variations out there, broccoli, kale and other dark green veggies make getting your daily calcium serving simple and delicious.
  3. Beans: Various types of beans are high in calcium and can be prepared in a lot of dishes for lunch and dinner. White beans in particular are especially high in calcium and can be added pasta, soups, salads or used to make hummus. There are plenty of ways to cook and use beans in your recipes that is should be an easy go-to way to get calcium everyday.
  4. Almonds- Out of most nuts you can find, almonds have some of the highest amount of calcium in them. Try almond butter, almond milk, or just almonds as a snack in your trail mix or mixed into a healthy salad. In addition to being high in calcium, almonds are low in fat and high in protein so they are a wonderful food to add into your daily diet!


7 Things Your Family Should Be Doing This Spring

Get out and enjoy the longer days and warmer weather with these seven fun family activities.

  1. Work on the garden: If you don’t have one yet, start planning a brand new garden with the whole family. Research different styles of gardens for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces available to you! Have the kids pick out what they want to grow and be responsible for all summer. Planting things and watching the growing process is always enjoyable and educational for the whole family.
  2. Family bon fire and BBQ: Take advantage of Alaska’s daylight with the family by firing up the grill and stoking a little campfire in the back yard, or at a local campground. A good cook out is a great way to start off the springtime and get ready for summer. Plus, the extended time outdoors gives the kids a chance to identify budding plants and all the critters that begin to move about in the spring.
  3. Hike to Thunderbird Falls: This beautiful family friendly hike is fun for all ages and all year long. With scenic over looks along the whole trail following the Eklutna Canyon ending at the 200-foot tall Thunder Bird Water Falls. A round trip distance of two miles, with 175 of elevation gain this trail is pretty easy for the whole family, however be careful with children around the cliffs as they are very steep. Reminder that parking is $5 at the trailhead.
  4. Go Explore: Around the Eagle River Nature Center with guided walks, tours and free workshops for people of all ages. Check out their Spring Activities Schedule for April and May 2016 to see what activities fit your family best. Look ahead at the weather forecast to pick the perfect warm spring day to explore nature with your family.
  5. Sled or Climb: At Hatcher Pass or Artic Valley whichever your family prefers. Depending on the unpredictable Alaska spring weather, you could go out to Hatcher Pass or Arctic Valley for one more fun day of sledding before summer, or maybe go once most of the snow has melted to just explore and enjoy some beautiful Alaskan views.
  6. Ride a Bike: Take the family to a favorite trail, around your neighborhood or a near by park. Just getting outdoors and getting some light exercise is a really good way to start of the summer right in Alaska. After months of being trapped indoors from cold and bitter weather conditions, the first bike ride of the season is sure to give you and your family spring fever.
  7. Learn New Things: At the Anchorage Museum they have a lot of Family Events for everyone to learn from and enjoy. In addition to the permanent exhibit the Imaginarium Discovery Center, there are plenty of other kid and family friendly exhibits and events. Be sure to go on April 16 for the Free Admission Day. If you have been the museum already this spring, try out your Public Library for fun family events happening all the time.

Make Sure You Have At least ONE of These Fitness Apps on Your Phone!

Getting out and to the gym isn’t always easy or fun to do in Alaska. With technology constantly evolving, we find that our mobile devices can help us with much more than telecommunications. Personalized fitness apps are designed to help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals whether it be at home in your living room or out on a family outing.

  • Record by Under Armour. By tracking sleep, nutrition, activity and fitness, this 24/7 app is helping with your fitness goals non-stop. With the ability to sync with other devices, share with and challenge friends or other athletes across the world, this app has it all. Set goals and navigate this app easily with its vibrant and easy-to-use layout. In addition to the Record app, Under Armour has a few other fitness apps that sync with your Record profile to enhance your personal fitness experience.
  • MyFitnessPal. Whether you are trying to gain, lose or maintain your weight this app helps you track your calories easily based on your weight, height and age. Enter your goal weight and this app will help motivate you to get there. Enter each food you eat manually or by scanning the product barcode.
  • MapMyWalk or MapMyRun. Keeping track of where you go, or where to go for a good run or walk is really convenient. Challenge yourself to faster, longer or more difficult runs or walks with these apps that connect with your Record and MyFitnessPal apps. MapMyWalk and MapyMyRun gives suggested routes based on your location if you are looking for a new trail to conquer.
  • Fitbit. Track your fitness with this app, and the Fitbit activity tracking devices. Connect with your friends, family, and coworkers across the world and compete with them completing a certrain amount of steps in a day or reaching various fitness goals. Track your pace, time and distance to help you improve your running and activity. Log your food, track your sleep, and monitor your heart rate all in one place.. My Grandma uses fitbit and competes with her friends and children around the country. The Fitbit devices and fitness app is great for anyone of any physical ability at any age.
  • 7 Minute Workout by Johnson & Johnson. While there are several 5, 7, and 10-minute workout apps, the 7-minute Workout app by Johnson and Johnson is my favorite. With a lot of free workouts and easy-to-follow demonstrations this was the best free guided workout app I could find that best suited my needs. While there aren’t a lot of personalization options, the basic options plus a lot of workout variations makes this easy to use app a great find that is worth a try, especially because it’s free!
  • Charity Miles. If you love to help out charities, and love to workout or go for walks this app is perfect for you! The app is free to you, and enables you to turn your activity into donations to charity. Simply download the (free) app, sign up, pick a charity and start the workout. For each workout, depending on time and distance you will accumulate money to be donated to a charity that you pick from their list.

3 Science Based Benefits of Massage

We all love to get a good massage to relieve stress and our bodies’ aches and pains. Usually done to treat oneself to something nice, the expense of a massage is often considered a splurge. However, here are three science-based benefits of massage and why you should be getting one on a regular basis.

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety- everyone has daily life stressors which if not properly managed will cause health problems over time. There is no doubt that getting a massage is very relaxing, so using a massage as a tool for regular relaxation to help relieve the stress from a long week or just daily life is a really good idea. Often people carry their stress in their bodies that form into knots in our necks, back and shoulders. The added pain of a stress knot can make getting through normal life even harder, so being proactive about treating the effects stress has on the body can be very beneficial.
  • Promotes healing- by kneading and massaging a sore or injured muscle or area on the body, the massage therapist is breaking up and reducing inflammation, improving circulation and relaxing the muscles to help your body heal from injury faster. By improving circulation, oxygen and nutrients can flow more easily to the injured or effected area. This makes massage therapy an important component to recovering from a sports injury.
  • Helps Sleep- getting a quality night sleep is vital to stay healthy and happy. Many people struggle with insomnia and finding the right way to treat it. If getting and staying asleep is an issue from stress, anxiety or some type of physical or psychological disorder, getting regular massage therapy could be very beneficial. By relaxing and balancing the body, deep sleep is often more easily achieved by patients receiving massage therapy as a form of treating insomnia and restlessness.

Check back next time to learn about fitness apps you need on your phone!

5 Foods You Should Be Eating Every Week

We all have our favorite comfort and health foods that we love to eat all the time. Now here is a list of 5 foods that you should be sure are in your diet each week.

  • Fish. Salmon and Tuna in particular are very oily fish containing lots of Omega-3 fatty acid. The fish oil helps protect the skin and keep us happy and healthy. Fish oils have been thought to lift depression, improve heart and gut health and decrease joint pain. Adding fish into your regular diet is incredibly beneficial for most people, with a wide variety of types and ways to cook it, having fish on a weekly basis shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Green Vegetables. Foods such as green beans and broccoli are needed in a regular diet to help fight off diseases, and keep a balanced amount of fiber and other nutrients the body needs. Kale is great because it is low calories and packed with Vitamin C and K as well as plenty of antioxidants. Try pinterest and other websites for creative ways to incorporate kale and other veggies into your regular diet.
  • Oats. In addition to being a warm filling breakfast or snack, oats helps lower cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy. Including oats or oatmeal in your regular diet can decrease your risk for heart attack. Even in the form of a yummy cookie, oats are always beneficial.
  • Blueberries. Packed with antioxidants to help fight off bacteria infections such as Urinary Tract Infections, heart disease and age related memory loss. With just a ½ cup of blueberries you get one whole serving of fruit. Sprinkle them into your yogurt, oatmeal or on your pancakes to start the day off right. Avoid cooking the blueberries, as it cooks out most of the Vitamin C.
  • Tea. One of the most powerful antioxidants you can consume, more so than fruits and vegetables. Helping break down bad cholesterol, it helps protect against heart disease and stroke. Green and Black teas are great for a morning pick-me-up, too.

Check back next time to learn about 3 science-based benefits of massage.